Cemetery on Glen-Rural Grove Road, Glen, New York 

Edwards, Anna Maria (wife of Stephen Ostrom), b. 3-9-1818; d. 9-26-1899

Edwards, Laura M., dau. of E. & E., b. 2-24-1886; d. 12-10-1889

Edwards, John V. S., b. 2-17-1822; d. 7-2-1887

Edwards, Mary Margaret, wife of John V.S., b. 3-28-1815; d. 8-28-1891

Edwards, Annette, dau of John V.S. & Mary Margaret, d. 9-26-1855, ae. 5 mos., 15 dys.

Edwards, Thos. V.S., 1827-1852

Edwards, James W., 1829-1830

Edwards, Margaret L., 1819-1908

Edwards, Eleoner E., 1824-1896

Edwards, John, 1791-1877

Edwards, Anna, wife of John, 1790-1876

Edwards, Jane (wife of Newton Vanderveer)

All Montgomery County, New York inscriptions are referenced from the following source:
Edith (Van Heusen) Becker, in collaboration with Melvin W. Lethbridge, "Tombstone Inscriptions, Montgomery County, N.Y." The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Vols. 59-60.

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